Other Partners

The Kelly Green Proejct has built strong working relationships with organizations that share the same passionate goals of improving the community areas around them.

Thank You…

Mural Arts Restorative Justice Program


The Mural Arts Restorative Justice Program built a shed, two picnic tables and fence for the students at John B. Kelly School

Pennsylvania Horticulture Society


The Pennsylvania Horticulture Society has sponsored teacher/community workshops in the Kelly Student Garden

Penn State Master Gardener’s Program

penn_master_gardernersMaster Gardener Michele Koskine  volunteer work with Kelly Students in the Kelly Student Garden has been invaluable

Wharton School Of Business Management 


A small group of Wharton students working to organize the November 23rd 2014 fundraising gala

Germantown Monthly Meeting

Shared resources through their Quaker Volunteer in Service program

Germantown Friends


The GFS Student volunteer program has made a great impact on the school lives of students at Kelly

Philadelphia University

PhilUniversity.Horizontal.CMYKUsed the Kelly site to develop improved landscape design and worked on joint grant writing initiatives


sounds_krazy_logo_green_wires_grungeKelly Green was ecstatic that Darryl Richardson, an alumnus of John B. Kelly School, agreed to volunteer his company’s time, effort, and expertise for Kelly Green’s “Let’s Move!” hip-hop dance party on June 15th 2013. 

Health Partners Plans


 Health Partners was a valued contributor to our Community Day “Let’s Move” event.  A lot of material (bags, information, etc.) were made available to attendees.