2013 – 2014

2014 has been Kelly Green’s most active year!

The “Green Thumbs”, along with parents and grandparents, celebrated their successful harvest with a fresh vegetable pizza party.

Volunteers have sold extra produce at the Hansberry Garden’s Farm Stand at affordable prices.

The garden was open twice a week all summer for parents and neighbors to help tend or harvest.

Philly U School Front 2014

A Philadelphia University landscape design class studied the Kelly site to suggest unique insights on how to best use the property to fulfill the project’s goal; a place to play, plant, and perform.

Read the presentation: Philly U. presentation

Kelly School supporters raised over $1000 for the school
Kelly School supporters raised over $1900 for the school!

At the end of a strong campaign to collect recycle points through RecycleBank, Kelly Green received a grant to support a recycling program, at the school, including purchasing containers.

The Restorative Justice Initiative of the Mural Arts Program built a shed, two picnic tables and a low fence to separate the garden from the playground.

 We’ve also seen our connections with organizations in our community strengthen and grow

  • Councilwoman Bass awarded Kelly Green an Activities Fund grant to support programming initiatives related to the project.
  • Whole Foods accepted Kelly Green into their “Nickels for Non-Profits” raising the profile of the project. Contributions (made by the nickel!) raised over $1500. 
  • In June, a PHS-sponsored workshop for teachers and community members took place. Participants built two new garden beds and planted a peach tree!
  • As a result of research done by Philadelphia University students and professors, Kelly Green was encouraged by the Philadelphia Water Department to apply for their “SMIP” grant. This will support and pay for major infrastructure renovation.

Further grants and fund-raising efforts are in the works as current and new partnerships continue to emerge.

Activities related to the schoolyard project have brought more attention to Kelly School with a number of new volunteers offering their assistance in classrooms as well as at recess. We are anxious to support a more robust volunteer effort, as we all recognize that the health of our community begins with our kids.

We are enthusiastically moving forward, anxious to see this large, underutilized space, in the middle of our community, become the recreation and educational resource it should be. 

Photographed June 15, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA.

Our kids deserve it.  We all do.  Join us!